Greenland Overseas
Based on the global horizon innovative development strategy since 2012, Greenland Group has taken a new path of overseas expansion and capitalized development, and successfully entered four continents, 9 countries including USA, Australia, Canada and UK and 13 cities, with steady growth in market expansion and increasing maturation of business model.
Greenland Group has stimulated dynamic vitality of deepening enterprise transformation through participation in global market competition. Aiming at cultivating a world-class enterprise in the future, Greenland Group will strive for an ever growing enterprise with brilliant prospects against the background of economic globalization.
Sydney Greenland Center
Located in the CBD core in downtown Sydney and close to the City Hall and Hyde Park, the project boasts advantageous location, convenient transportation, good supporting facilities and education facilities such as the top private schools of Sydney. The total floor are of the project is 3,969 square meters. It plans to build the highest boutique apartment in Sydney of 235 meters in height and a supporting 5-star boutique hotel through reconstruction.
Sydney Greenland Lucent
Located in prosperous commercial area of North Sydney downtown, the project is 700 meters from North Sydney subway station and 5 minutes’ ride to the CBD in downtown Sydney. It boasts first-class business supporting facilities in its surroundings. Many international companies have their Australia headquarters in this area. The project plans to build 200 residential apartments. North Sydney sees CBD across the Bay Bridge and is a key central business district only secondary to CBD in Greater Sydney.
Melbourne Flemington Life
Located in the Flemington horse racing area of Melbourne, the project boasts advantageous location, rich landscape resources and perfect supporting facilities in its neighborhood. As one of the best horse racing area, Flemington is the place where the world famous “Melbourne” Cup is held. These two land plots have an area of 40,000 square meters and are able to accommodate 1,000-1,200 residences, making itself one of the largest local residential projects.
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